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Talentsy helps digital content creators gain an edge in a world full of competition

About Talentsy Partnership


Best suited for channels with 0 views per month to 1 million views per month.

Creator Friendly

Our $7.99 Creator Program will help get your channel to where it needs to be for the same price as a Big Mac meal.

Build Revenue Streams

Talentsy Creators get access to our ever-growing pool of sponsorships. These help aid your financial pressure while just starting out, and they'll scale the more you grow.

Unrivaled Value for Money

Unlimited custom-made channel branding, access to Epidemic Sound's top-tier plan, free TubeBuddy Pro access, our own video optimization Toolkit, 24-hour support from a YouTube Certified team, and more.

Talentsy Partner Program

Only available to large established YouTube channels and influencers.

Brands & Merchandising

We'll set up your very own Talentsy fan store, and partner with brands and agencies to execute influencer marketing campaigns for qualifying Talentsy creators.

Meta Enhancement

Software is great, but it can only go so far. With your permission, a YouTube Certified human being will manually optimize every single video you upload. No robots here.

Support & Protection

We have our partners backs covered 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We will protect your intellectual property and always be willing to strategize with you about achieving sustainable long-term growth.